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Please read the information below before you decide which method of contact you are going to use!

We ask that all resume submissions be made through the Accuresume forms page.  Please make sure that you fill out all the fields that are in red and in the resume section you can simply copy and paste your resume into that field.  To "copy paste" highlight your resume and select "Edit" > "Copy" or hold down "Ctrl" and then "insert".  Then go to the forms page and select "Edit" > "Paste" or hold down "Shift" and then "Insert"

If you are using an "aol" Internet account you will not be able to complete the form and we ask you to submit your resume in txt format either in an email or as an attachment.

If you are having problems with the forms page please clearly state that in your email.

If you have to submit your resume by email because you are having problems with the forms page please use one of the following formats.

Formats accepted will be:
  • MS Word (.doc, .docx, .rtf)
  • ASCII Text (.txt) this is the safest way!
Do not enclose your resume in a zip file.  There are too many viruses being emailed this way and any message that contains a zip file are now deleted on the server unless the person is on our Whitelist.  You will have to send an email first asking us to put you on the Whitelist before sending any zipped files.

And if you have trouble with the above method of submission you can mail your resume.

Please be advised that if you use the mail method to send your information, your information will be put in the paper database and does not guarantee that your information will make it into the electronic database. This means that your information will be searched after searching the electronic database and reduces your chances of being contacted for a career opportunity that might be of interest to you.
(We are trying to reduce the amount of paper that we have to deal with.)

You will receive a auto-reply if your mail has been accepted without being deleted.  To avoid having your resume filtered out the best way to submit your information is through the forms page.  If you decide to send your resume via email and don't want to get the auto-response please put "noconfirmationrequired" without the quotes in the subject line or click this link:  You will never receive the auto-response as long as you send using the same email address.

To start getting the auto-response again send your email with "removenoconfirmationrequired" without the quotes in the subject line or click this link:

E-mail: Click for E-mail
By Snail Mail: J.P. Anderson & Associates Inc.
1260 Main St. E.,
Hamilton, Ontario
L8K 1A7
Phone: 905-923-4583

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