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Terms of Guarantee

90 days -- replacement credit (standard)

Guarantees are calendar days (weekends and holidays inclusive).
Guarantees commence on the applicant's or employee's start date.
Guarantees are replacement credits only, and have no cash value.

If the employee terminates employment of his or her own accord, or if he or she is dismissed by the employer, the employer is entitled to a replacement based upon the "Terms of Guarantee", above.  The guarantee does not apply in the case of layoffs or acts of God.

To take advantage of a replacement credit, the client must inform J.P. Anderson & Associates Inc. within 5 business days of termination, by phone, e-mail, mail or fax.

If a replacement search takes place, the opening must be listed with J.P. Anderson & Associates Inc. exclusively, for 60 days.  No other recruiting sources can be used.

All of these conditions must be strictly adhered to so as to keep the guarantee in force.

The replacement credit must be used within 1 calendar year from the date that the employee gave notice, or was dismissed by the employer.

Note: For guarantee to be in effect, payment of fees must be made in full within 30 calendar days from applicant's start date.  Payments not made in 30 calendar days from applicant's start date will incure a 2% per month compound interest charge.

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